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The staff shortage in the hospitality industry rose to a record high of 35 percent in the past year. The most important factor for success in hospitality is “people”. We believe that flexibility leads to a passion for work and that job seekers and companies appreciate smooth planning and work processes. That is why we develop smart, user-friendly, and future-proof solutions. With Connect you can quickly put together a flexible team of temporary workers directly from Planner. Our pool of flex workers is growing every day!

Post your open shifts via Planner directly to Connect and get started with a full team tomorrow View the introductory tutorial on how to post vacancies from your Planner to Connect. You will learn how to offer a service on Connect, how to select, hire applicants, and more.

Below you will find a few more useful and educational links:

  • How to create your Connect account
  • Post your first open shift directly from Planner

Need extra help in the workplace? Hire someone today! To learn more about integrating Connect with your Planner for free call 020 752 6690 or e-mail our team