All about L1NDA

Together with you, we make work more fun and more efficient. We are a young, ambitious, diverse and international team. We work hard, but we also like to have a good time. So we hope to have a coffee with you soon.


About L1NDA

Every day, L1NDA’s ambitious and innovative team works hard to make our solutions and services better. Besides working hard, we also like to have fun. We hope to meet you soon for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Together with you, we will make working more efficient and fun. 

about us - l1nda
About us - How it started

How it all started

Thirteen years ago, our adventure began. Our founder Wouter Suren worked at Crea Café. Every day, he saw the frustrations of scheduling and keeping track of the hours worked. Together with the owner, he developed a solution that perfectly suited the flexible needs of cafés, restaurants and hotels. This was the beginning of our company, which has been steadily developing over the years. Now more than 3.500 companies and 110.000 employees work with L1NDA on a daily base.

How we are doing now

As an innovative company, we follow the current challenges in workforce management. In uncertain times, companies opt for a small permanent team and, in addition, a large pool of temporary workers. This allows to quickly scale up or down during busy or quiet periods. With our flexible staffing agency and partners, we offer you the possibility to select and schedule temporary workers integrated into your workforce planning. A complete workforce management solution!

About Us - L1NDA Today

Our core values

Our core values guide our employees, our solutions and our brand. We work according to these values: we build products we believe in, because we believe in helping people.

People first, always

By putting people first in our universe, we stay close to what matters most – enjoying work and sharing experiences with like-minded people.

A good team is half the battle

We don’t give tasks, but responsibilities – we trust our colleagues to make their own decisions, share opinions and follow practices. We rely on each other for help and advice and by working together.

Passion for Monday

The reality is that we spend a lot of time at work. That’s why you have to choose a job that makes you want to jump out of bed. We work passionately towards our goal every day, because we have built and continue to build a company that we believe in.

Go big

Whether it’s a string of code, a support question or online training, we go for the big stuff. We turn big ideas into an even bigger reality and quality in every detail.

Celebrate everything

We work to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and staff members. Each step brings us closer to our mission. That is why there is always a reason to celebrate with the team and our users.

We are looking for talent

Build our online ecosystem of smart tools that redefine work for everyone in human resources management. Ready for your next challenge?

Everyone is entitled to a nice job. No one is excluded. Regardless of colour, age, origin, interests, skills or education. That is what we believe in. To put our belief into practice, we work together with Equalture. They help us to make impartial employment decisions. L1NDA was certified by Equalture as Innovator, because of our comprehensive strategy to ensure equal opportunities in employment. This strategy should serve as an example to others.

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Where are we located?

Westermarkt 2
1016 DK Amsterdam

020 752 6690