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Review Verhage

Verhage and L1NDA form a real workforce planning team. Verhage and their employees have been using L1NDA for years. Both put their employees at the centre of their business.

Alexander de Ronde Bresser, sweet retail director

Review Chocolate Company

Creating, scheduling and managing teams? That’s what Chocolate Company does with L1NDA. Since scheduling is not a one-way street. L1NDA gives Chocolate Company the needed insights into the business operations.

review Vitaminstore

Review Vitaminstore

Vitaminstore has been working with L1NDA since 2018. We spoke to Nigel Kempes about their experience with our workforce management system. Their processes now run efficiently and error-free in all our 32 stores. Which they organise from the central office.

120.000 employees work with L1NDA every day

review Pizzabakkers

Review De Pizzabakkers

De Pizzabakkers use of L1NDA for over 8 years and all their branches use their own version. De custom-made solution for De Pizzabakkers offers many advantages. The franchisee has insights in data via statistics, while the manager has a refined and detailed overview of his own team, the hour registration, surplus hours, time-for-time, illness, leave, the payroll costs and budgets.

review Bakkerswinkel

Review De Bakkerswinkel

Let employees work on their terms.
Employees can provide their availability per day via the user friendly app. After their worked shift, they can update their worked hours, if needed. They can also provide their shift preference, request leave, track worked hours, and swap shifts with colleagues if needed.


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