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When Margreet Leguijt and her husband Anthony de Vries started the first De Pizzabakkers restaurant on the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam, together with their friends Dmitri Schokker and Siang-Lan Go. Out of their love for good food, they didn’t immediately have the ambition to open more locations. Luckily for us, the success of the Haarlemmerdijk soon resulted in a second restaurant on the Overtoom, after which many more followed. By now, it is impossible to imagine Amsterdam and many other cities without De Pizzabakkers.

Streamlined processes

Is De Pizzabakkers a typical chain with more than 20 restaurants across the Netherlands? No, even though the streamlined processes at the back suggest so, you do notice their uniqueness at the front. Each restaurant functions as a neighbourhood restaurant. Friends and family meet up over a glass of prosecco and regular events are held for residents. At De Pizzabakkers, there is pleasant and open company culture. A good mutual relationship, sociability and a family atmosphere characterize all establishments. According to them, and also according to L1NDA, these characteristics are the basis for the success of the catering business. In addition, we at L1NDA love the Roman pizzas from De Pizzabakkers!

L1NDA is an ideal efficient and time-saving schedule planning solution for all our establishments.

Tailor-made solution

For 8 years now, De Pizzabakkers has been working with L1NDA and all branches use their tailor-made version. The tailor-made solution for De Pizzabakkers offers many advantages. The franchisee has insight into the statistical information and the manager has a refined and detailed overview of his team, the time registration, overtime, time-for-time, sickness, leave and the wage costs & budgets. This enables us to further optimize performance and efficiency so that our guests experience even more hospitality and service.

Helicopter View

The ‘helicopter view’ for the franchisees is a valuable addition to analyze what works well or better compared to other branches, whereby they are supported by the head office. Especially for De Pizzabakkers, L1NDA created three regions in the statistics options, so that key figures are always clear to franchisees and head office. Branches can learn from the best practices of other branches and further improve their effectiveness and efficiency. The ultimate goal is to increase hospitality and service to guests. The integration with Nmbrs, the HR and payroll platform of De Pizzabakkers and partner of L1NDA, ensures that remuneration and its control run smoothly. Read more about the advantages of links and integrations with L1NDA here.

L1NDA is a valuable, thinking and reliable partner! – Margreet Leguijt and Anthony de Vries

Anna van Buuren