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L1NDA has integrations with more than 50 companies

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With an integration you can manage your HR- and payroll-administration with one click. Integrate L1NDA with your hour registration, payroll-administration, management and POS system. Easily exchange data and information, to reduce extra work and mistakes.

Integration benefits

Import employee and contract date, register worked hours and forward these to your payroll. Integrate your POS system and compare revenue and payroll to optimise your schedule. Synchronise all data with your management system to create a complete overview with your most important insights. Moreover save your time with L1NDAs integrations.


De Pizzabakkers streamline their processen with L1NDA

For years, De Pizzabakkers and all their branches have been using their tailored L1NDA system. This provides them with various benefits. Their franchisers have access to statistics and data analysis. While their managers have a detailed overview of their team, hour-registration, availability, illness, leave, costs and budgets. Margreet & Anthony, owners of De Pizzabakkers tell their story

Personeelsplanning - De Pizzabakkers

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