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The road to a sustainable recovery of hospitality

What is the road to a sustainable recovery of the hospitality industry after Covid 19? What are the consequences and what will the new trends be? Download the free whitepaper.

Monique 24 Nov 2020
Reading time: 5 min.

How to choose the best personnel planning solution

What to pay attention to when choosing a online planner? Here are 5 points to guide you in your choice. Read more now

Monique 23 Nov 2020
Reading time: 3 min.

Working in hospitality during Covid-19

Are you going back to work as a flex worker during this period? Of course, that’s possible since there is always work in the hospitality industry but there are still a number of […]

Monique 11 Nov 2020
Reading time: 3 min.

L1NDA toasts to National Hospitality Day

Ook al is het geen feest in de horeca, toch proosten wij, als official partner van Nationale Horecadag, op de horeca. L1NDA bewondert alle horeca toppers die elke dag weer klaarstaan om gasten een warm welkom te geven. Ondanks alle restricties en maatregelen van de overheid. Er is geen branche dat meer flexibel en creatief is dan de prachtige horecabranche.

Monique 8 Oct 2020
Reading time: 2 min

Meet Alisha, September’s Connector of the Month

“I recommend everyone to work via L1NDA Connect.'' Why would Alisha recommend Connect? Read about her experience now

Monique 28 Sep 2020
Reading time: 1 min.

Find hospitality talent with L1NDA

The staff shortage in the hospitality industry rose to a record high of 35 percent in the past year. The most important factor for success in hospitality is “people”. We believe that flexibility […]

Monique 24 Sep 2020
Reading time: 5 min.