The ideal workforce planning for your bakery

With our workforce management platform, you can plan and manage your bakery team effortlessly. From now on, you will have all information on one platform that will save you a lot of time. Clear and simple planning is within reach.

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Planning in bakeries is a challenge

Early hours and long days, everything to offer the freshest products. But just like other industries, the bakery has developed a lot. Many different products, maybe even a few tables or a web shop. You have to deal with permanent staff, freelancers and holidays. Therefore, you want to plan your staff as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Everything under control

L1NDA is the all-in-one personnel planning platform for planning, managing and finding personnel. You manage all contracts according to the collective labour agreement. You have insight into all worked (including plus/minus), (im)productive hours and the labour costs. During the scheduling, you can see who is scheduled above or below their contract. And you can quickly fill open shifts with on-call workers. Everything centrally in one place. How nice is that?

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All benefits from L1NDA

Ideal with multiple locations

Do you have multiple locations? Then you can easily manage and compare multiple locations on a central level. But if you choose a decentralised set-up, then each shop or branch uses its own L1NDA tool. The helicopter view of the head office offers guidance and support via benchmarks for instance. It's also easy to place employees at other locations.

Integrate your system

L1NDA has API connections with many cash register, time registration, payroll and management systems. Because of this, you always have the most recent personal and contract data and the actual hours worked at your disposal. With one push of a button, your financial or payroll administration is fully automated. For only €10 per month. More info.

Control your costs

Control staff costs with extensive insight into your costs and turnover during planning. This allows you to make adjustments in time, as staff costs are the most important cost in the industry. Analyse reports split by staff, roster, service type, contract type, department or branch, among others.

Optimal communication with your team

Your employees work with the app every day and they are happy. They can check their schedules, keep track of their days off and swap shifts with colleagues, possibly with your approval. Your team is delighted that you take their planning into account and it saves you a lot of time.

Saves me 4 hours of work per pay period

Arend Kisteman of Stadsbakker shares his experience with us: It saves me a lot of time, I think 4 hours of work per pay period. Since employees transmit the hours themselves and I only have to check them, no mistakes are made anymore. Especially the registration of extra hours sometimes went wrong and that is now solved. It saves me a lot of time and employees are paid the right hours immediately instead of having to make a correction.

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Collaboration with NBOV

L1NDA also has an active collaboration with the Dutch Bread and Pastry Traders Association. As a member of the NBOV, you can get a fixed discount on your account. Are you also curious what this discount is and what other advantages the NBOV offers? Then take a look at their page via this link.

Are you coming from the NBOV?

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Only pay for what you use

Our rates are transparent and attractive. You only pay for the employees you schedule. Don’t schedule anyone? Then you do not pay for that.

You pay € 4 per scheduled employee per month. We do not charge any start-up, installation or service costs.

Try us for free. You are not tied to anything.

Start your trial-period

14 days for free

Frequently asked questions

Does the trial period extend automatically?

If, after the 14-day free trial, you decide you no longer want to use the platform and send us an email, you pay nothing. With L1NDA, you only pay for the employees you have scheduled.

Can I use the planning platform without integrations?

Yes, you can use L1NDA purely for employee scheduling. You are not obliged to make a link with your other systems.

What is the notice period if I continue to use L1NDA?

You can stop using L1NDA at any time. For a coupling, you have to give one month’s notice. Don’t have a link and don’t plan any employees? Then you pay nothing.

Is there a minimum monthly fee?

There is no minimum monthly fee. You pay for what you use. If you schedule employees, you pay € 4,- per scheduled employee per month. If you do not schedule any employees, you pay nothing.

What does it cost to hire a temporary worker through your platform?

Registration is free with both L1NDA’s temporary agency and the YoungOnes freelance platform. If you schedule a temporary worker, L1NDA will charge you a conversion factor of 1.99 on the hourly wage. This is a common factor for temping agencies.