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How do you easily set up your roster and fill the empty shifts with a temporary worker? With L1NDA, this is easier than you think. In L1NDA you create your work rosters and provide on-call workers that you can schedule in an integrated way. In just a few mouse clicks.

1. Specialised in workforce management

L1NDA has been a specialist in workforce management for 13 years. Our focus is on people, because for us they are always number 1!

2. Knowledge of staff work

Your staff planning will run smoothly with L1NDA. With more than 3.500 customers with a total of 125.000 employees, we can say that we have knowledge of human resources.

3. Integrate with partners

You have the freedom to work with a system that suits your company best, because we work together with various partners in cash register and clock systems and payroll companies. Read more about them here.

4. Free integration with YoungOnes

Because you can plan ahead, you quickly notice any gaps in your schedule. You fill these up early with on-call workers from, for example, our partner YoungOnes. You do this fully integrated in your L1NDA account. You only pay a small surcharge on the on-call worker’s hourly wage.

5. Full support

Would you like help with your planning or finding new employees? Our planning specialists are ready to give you advice and provide tailor-made solutions every working day.

6. Work out of your hands

Finally you have more time for the real work, because we also take care of all contracting, working and payroll processes.

Curious about what L1NDA can do for you? Click here for an overview of all our product features and try out L1NDA free of charge for 14 days.

Anna van Buuren