L1NDA helps you with scheduling and staff shortages

Do you have a lot of open shifts, sick days and/or peaks hours?

No worries. With the new tool on our planning platform, you can select and schedule freelancers. This way, you can quickly fill the unfilled shifts and you will always have a complete roster! 


Staff shortages in hospitality

According to the Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca (SVH), there were 466,000 people working in the hotel and catering industry before the corona crisis. Now there are 340,000. According to their knowledge centre, one in five employees left the hospitality industry during the crisis.

What is the solution?

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Companies spend a lot of time and money finding staff. L1NDA makes it easier and better for them with a brand new tool. With this tool you can offer your open shifts to thousands of freelancers who would like to work for you.

Through our platform you offer the unfilled shifts to freelance platform YoungOnes. Freelancers respond, you choose the best applicant and schedule them. In just a few clicks and all on one platform!

Signing up is free!

Hospitality in need of staff

Before the pandemic, the staff shortage in the hospitality industry was already high at 35%. According to the CBS, this will soon increase to 169,000. On average, hotel and catering companies now employ 42% fewer staff than before the lockdown.

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Workforce Management

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€4.00 per scheduled employee per month

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Back-up for your staff

✔ 199.066 freelancers throughout The Netherlands

Rapid reinforcement in every sector and region

Book a freelancer from €16,50 per hour

How does it work?

Follow these steps and solve your staff shortage!

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1. Create your schedule with L1NDA

Create your schedule effortlessly on our platform. Do you see gaps in your schedule that you cannot fill with your own team?

2. Sign up for free at YoungOnes

Through our platform you sign up directly and for free at YoungOnes.

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3. Link and find freelancers

Link your YoungOnes account to your L1NDA account and find additional staff.

It is super simple. With a date, hourly rate, short description and one push on the button your service reaches thousands of freelancers. Let the applications flow!

4. No more unfulfilled shifts

Compare all the responses of freelancers according to their motivation and experience. Choosing the best applicant becomes a breeze!

You schedule the chosen freelancer directly and he/she receives all the details about the service on the app.

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