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Franchise companies improve their performance with workforce management (WFM). First, a good workforce planning solution keeps your personnel costs manageable. Secondly, you improve employee satisfaction because communication improves and you take better account of your employees’ preferences. Third, satisfied employees will subsequently increase customer and guest satisfaction. So, with WFM you improve three important KPIs: personnel costs, employee and customer satisfaction. Above all, you save a great deal of time in compiling the rosters. Time you would rather spend on your customers or guests.

Save on personnel costs

Staff costs are the highest cost item for most companies in the retail and hospitality industry. It goes without saying that you want to control these costs. A staff planning platform gives you extensive insight into the costs and turnover. It allows you to make adjustments during the planning stage. A good staff planning solution will quickly reduce these costs by several percent. Not that saving on personnel should always be the objective. After all, good and sufficient personnel also stimulate turnover. By analyzing the situation properly, you can find the optimum balance. Because a good workforce management tool provides daily insight in costs and revenue, you can optimize on a daily basis. With a professional workforce planning tool, you can analyse on personnel, rosters, type of service, contract and per branch.

Past experiences, such as annual regional celebrations and other activities, will help you make an effective planning too, By analyzing and comparing the experiences of different franchisees, you will see which branches perform better and which less well. This experience helps other franchisees to further optimize their planning.

Chocolate Company optimizes with WFM

Franchise company Chocolate Company manages its staff through the L1NDA platform since 2013. Their cash register systems and payroll administration are also integrated with the L1NDA. “L1NDA offers us good insight in our business operations. With this we can advise our 20 franchisees about their scheduling. What works well  and what could perform better? Often entrepreneurs are not experts in financials. We give them the tools and a good overview. But for insights in worked hours, you do need to register everything properly. With L1NDA we have tool to benchmark and run our business”, says Alexander de Ronde Bresser, Sweet Retail Director at Chocolate Company.

More efficiency and less errors

Making a schedule in Excel is old-fashioned and error-prone. It costs lots time since you have to keep adjusting and resending it. If an employee is ill, or prefers to work at a different time or swap shifts, you have to inform everyone. Employees indicate their availability and leave, and apply for open shifts in the app. They automatically receive the latest roster. This gives peace of mind and confidence. With a workforce planning platform, you also immediately see who is scheduled under or over their contractual hours. In addition, a workforce management platform allows you to deploy employees in various branches. That is very convenient and saves you money on personnel costs.

Integrate with cash register and/or administration system

The staff schedules of the branches can be integrated with the overall administration system. You automatically have the correct data on staff members, on-call workers and contracts. You forward the hours worked to the payroll administration system with one push of a button. If you integrate the staff schedules to the cash register systems, you can easily compare the turnover with the wage costs to realize the most optimal staffing. If you synchronize all data on payroll costs with your management system, you have a complete overview with the most important insights.

De Pizzabakkers improved performance with WFM

De Pizzabakkers streamlines their processes with L1NDA. Each branch uses its tailor-made L1NDA tool. Franchisees have access to statistical information. Managers have a detailed overview of their own team, time registration, overtime, time-for-time, sickness, leave and the wage costs & budgets. The integration between L1NDA and their HR and payroll platform Nmbrs ensures that remuneration and monitoring run smoothly.

More satisfied employees thanks to good staff planning tool

The direct result of more satisfied employees is lower staff turnover. The positive consequence is lower costs for recruitment and less time spent on training new staff. It is wise to invest in employee satisfaction. Good staff planning contributes significantly to greater satisfaction. Communication is much better. Because they can easily indicate when they can and cannot work, you can better take into account their wishes. So no WhatsApp requests, phone calls, emails, notes or post-its. Everything is done on one platform. Employees use the app to view their roster and make their wishes known. They can swap shifts and communicate with you and their colleagues. This way you keep everything together in one place.

Verhage Franchise Company employees happy with L1NDA

Franchise company Verhage chose L1NDA WFM since they only want to work with the best partners. Wesley Fok, director-owner of Verhage explains: “There is a wide choice of staff planning solutions. But all are too focused on profit optimization and saving on labour costs. Of course this is also possible with L1NDA. But L1NDA is mainly for our employees. This is a real difference and very important to us. Our employees work with L1NDA and the app daily: view their rosters, pass on days off and swap with colleagues, et cetera. They don’t have to knock on our door to ask for time off. We always say: if L1NDA agrees, it’s OK! It works fine, our employees are very happy and it saves us a lot of time.

Back up in case of staff shortages

Many companies struggle to complete their rosters. The labour market is struggling with severe shortages. Companies cannot fill all shifts with their own team. Both hospitality and retail companies have to deal with alternating busy and quiet periods. In those cases, you want to be able to scale up or down quickly. In addition, there is a great shortage of skilled staff. A professional personnel platform also offers employees on-call scheduling in addition to drawing up rosters. While scheduling, you can assign a shift to a large pool of freelancers. For example through YoungOnes you can offer your shift to 250,000+ freelancers. You choose the best candidate who applies for your job and he/she is immediately scheduled. You do this within a few clicks directly in your WFM tool. This saves time. It also takes away stress and worries because you know there is always a back up when needed.

Franchise company Vitaminstore

Nigel Kemkes is HR Assistant at retail company Vitaminstore. Together with the HR Manager she takes care of all personnel issues for 32 shops at the central service office. Vitaminstore uses L1NDA for their workforce management. The schedules are compiled centrally. There are planners for the various teams who take care of the shop planning. Nigel says: “I can recommend L1NDA to all retailers. Their support is fantastic. They always help immediately. That’s a big plus”.

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