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Even more problems for hospitality entrepreneurs

Hospitality entrepreneurs and planners are increasingly suffering from the consequences of Coronavirus and new government measures. Some were still recovering from the biggest blow which was the hospitality closure in April. But with the new October measures and the 10 p.m. closing time, this fragile recovery will be nullified. In addition, they are facing a new problem: their employees are becoming infected or having to go into quarantine due to infections in their workplace.

Fewer employees in the hospitality industry

Last year, the hospitality industry showed a growth of 3.5% (source: KHN). That seems so long ago. Nowadays, with a loss of 30 to 45 % (source: Rabobank), it is one of the worst-hit branches in the Netherlands. Various studies, such as our recent Hospitality Employment Monitor, show that compared to the same period last year, there is almost a quarter (23.77%) less work for hospitality employees.

Employees infected or obligated to quarantine

With all of the rules regarding serving guests and being corona proof on a daily basis making the work a lot harder, we noticed that more and more employees are unable to work. Especially in times when a cold and the flu virus are popping up everywhere, staff shortages are becoming more acute. A standard cold is enough to prevent a staff member from coming in or being allowed to work because your business would not be corona-proof with a sniffling employee. With your go-to employees forced to stay at home if an outbreak occurs in your business, you have even fewer options as an entrepreneur. As a result, you are increasingly forced to call on the small group of employees who actually ready to work. 

Lack of staff

With employees potentially unable to work because they’re sick or quarantining, the result is that you might not have enough of your own staff to do the work. You can no longer easily replace an employee who calls out in the morning with your own people because you’ve already had to terminate most (temporary) contracts. Statistics Netherlands reports that in the second quarter of 2020 alone, no fewer than 123,000 fewer jobs were available in the trade, transport, and hospitality sector.

Planning tool with a solution

We see some hospitality entrepreneurs face the difficult decision: close their business or remain open and hire external staff.  And given that the holidays mean much greater crowds so it’s the perfect time to build a reliable pool of flex workers and we have the solution for you. When creating your rosters in Planner, you can integrate our flex workers when you need them. Our employment agency L1NDA then acts as your ‘planning buddy’. This way you can solve staff shortages without putting extra employees on the payroll.

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