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Working in the hospitality industry is not only fun, but you also learn a lot from it. You’ll keep the competencies you’ll learn with you forever which will certainly come in handy later on. In addition, it looks good on your resume and will add value to the rest of your career.

1. Communication

Working in hospitality doesn’t only mean you can walk with three plates or a tray full of glasses or red wine. Being able to communicate well with your guests is perhaps even more important. Are you used to approaching people directly while remaining friendly under all circumstances? Working in the hospitality industry is the perfect exercise for people who are still a bit shy. You can get rid of that in no time.

2. Multitasking

Hard work is being done in the hospitality industry. In fact: you want to be busy. Not only does time go faster, but you also get more tips. You are busy taking orders, setting tables and picking them out, keeping guests happy and all with a smile on your face. You have the ability to switch quickly, remember a lot and remain hospitable. You are expected to be alert, keep a clear overview, and respond so well to the wishes and complaints of the guest so they always walk out with a smile. This shows that you can deal with pressure, set priorities and work efficiently.

3. Dealing with stress

Unexpected nice weather? This means running around making sure everyone on the terrace is well tasks care of. You can be busy with many things at the same time and yet your guests are properly helped and you remain patient and hospitable. Even though it is busy and sometimes everything goes wrong, the customer will never notice this. Is a colleague suddenly sick? In the hospitality industry, it is normal that you help each other because guests must be served. Hospitality equals stress. You will learn how to deal with this over time.

4. Being proactive

In the hospitality industry, things often happen unexpectedly. It is important that you think proactively and act quickly. Are you proactive? Then you take responsibility for solving unexpected situations or problems. If you are reactive, you would rather wait for the reaction or decision of others. The longer you work in the hospitality industry, the more proactive you become. A handy skill that you can use for the rest of your life. As a catering employee, you will have to approach people on your own. Nobody tells you that people at the table 6 have been waiting for half an hour to be helped. You really have to see for yourself! Working in the hospitality industry teaches you to be proactive.

5. Upselling and cross-selling

In the hospitality industry, you learn sales-increasing skills, such as up-selling and cross-selling without being pushy or annoying. With cross-selling, you inform the guest about additional products that fit well with what they have already ordered. Such as a special port with the cheese board, or a piece of apple pie with the coffee. With up-selling, you point the customer to a higher quality product. If they want the house wine, you know how to make them enthusiastic about a more special wine that is more expensive.

6. Tolerance

In the hospitality industry, guests do not always show their best side. Why they do this is not always clear, but you will learn from it. You learn to accept people as they are, even if it’s often frustrating. Guests can be demanding and have unjustified complaints. In that case, simply take a deep breath, remain nice and polite, and try to solve the problem while leaving everyone satisfied. Try to avoid discussions and do your best to not take everything personally. Which, by the way, does not mean that you are not nicer to nice guests, it just means that you are not unkind to less nice guests.

Anna van Buuren