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Today we toast to you!

L1NDA admires all in the amazing hospitality industry who are ready every day to give their guests a warm welcome. Despite all restrictions and measures from the government, there is no industry more flexible and creative than the beautiful hospitality industry. Even if we have to skip the usual party in the hospitality industry, we, as the official partner of National Hospitality Day, still toast to all hospitality professionals today and reflect on the hard work you are doing. Would you like to toast with us?

Wim Jansen, CEO of L1NDA:

“These are tough times for the hospitality industry and yet the industry continues to evolve and respond to new developments every time. Even now great new initiatives are emerging. I think that’s what’s so fantastic about this industry. Forced by the circumstances to continue to innovate.

Ultimately, with everything we learn now, we will come out stronger. I sincerely hope that no one loses this battle. Maybe temporarily, but then we will scramble up and move on. The industry will look different than before, but it will certainly recover and many great new ideas and developments will emerge. ”

Even though we leave you with virtual toast for now, we hope that the hospitality industry can cheers in person again soon!



We see more and more employees dropping out due to corona contamination or the mandatory quarantine. Also the Xmas period is getting closer and you will desperately need a full staff. Here we explain how we can help you solve your staff problem.

Anna van Buuren