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How will you mobilise your staff after the reopening? What can you, as an employer, do to reboard your team members? How do you want employees to experience their first working day in your establishment after the lockdown? A lot of questions. Here are some tips on how to best discuss this with your employees

1. Organise a moment of reunion

Before 1 June, organise a pleasant meeting or intimate party with your team (or small groups). Do an activity together. A game or some kind of exercise.  But certainly also an opportunity for everyone to express and tell what they have experienced in the past weeks.

Let each team member know that you are glad that he or she is here and that you can get back to work.

2. Decide together how you will deal with each other from now on

Organise a meeting to discuss how you will deal with each other and with the guests in the future. Agree that you will do this as one team and that everyone will do the same. Guests will want a safe environment and will pay extra attention to that. This safety and your hospitality will determine whether guests will return.

3. Speak to every employee personally

Have you spoken to your employees less often lately? Make sure you increase the contact again. Show interest in their situation. How do you feel? How did you get through the past few weeks? Is everyone with you still healthy? Did you miss your work? What has bothered you? Have you been able to have some fun? Have you also thought about how we can work in the hospitality industry again with all the restrictions? What do you think about this? Will we manage?

4. Discuss together what the planning will look like

The work can be less and different than before. For example, more online and telephone bookings, more cleaning, checks at the door. Therefore, discuss with your employees what the planning might look like in the near future.

5. Which habits will we continue?

Did Corona give you any new ideas? Perhaps they are worth continuing. Do you make a lot of turnover with delivery and takeaway? Have you created a more convenient menu? Is the way you work in the kitchen now more efficient than before? Discuss it with each other.

6. Discuss how you want/need to proceed in the new future

Are the goals of your company still the same as before? Now is the time to think about new long-term goals. Discuss this not only with managers but with all employees. It gives them a greater sense of responsibility and they will be more understanding if you have to make changes.

Anna van Buuren