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A long-term mission; every business should have one. But how do you come up with the perfect mission? How do you effectively apply it in your communication? And what does mission-driven marketing mean for your guests and staff? Here’s how to turn your business into a mission-driven hospitality business in three steps.

Mission driven companies

These are companies that aim for financial and social value. In addition to making a profit, they are also committed to improving the world. Think Tony’s Chocolonely whose mission is to make 100% slave free and delicious chocolate the norm. Or the Dutch Koeckebackers who sell tasty cakes to give underprivileged people who have no chance in the labor market.

Research by Interbrand Best Global Brands shows that 83% of the companies experiencing strong turnover growth link this to their strong (social) mission. The same study also shows that inspired employees are up to twice as productive. Sounds great, but how do you build a meaningful business?

1 Design your own mission

Tony’s Chocolonely is of course a gigantic company. But big or small; beautiful brands can be worked on on any scale. Everything is about developing your own authentic mission. Ask yourself: why do we do what we do and what do we want to achieve with it. For example, think of a restaurant that only uses products from the region, under the guise: the best from its own region. In this way, they directly support the local environment. Or a festival organization that uses natural land and compensates for it by planting new trees. The possibilities are endless.

2 Find the voice of your organization

Then, it’s time to get started on your tone of voice. These are guidelines for the way in which your brand communicates its message. The application of one fixed tone in your communication makes the image recognizable. Think of informal or formal language, third-person or ‘I’ or ‘you’ and a certain enthusiasm. It ensures that your audience is always addressed in the same way.

3 Communicate your mission and tone of voice everywhere

Together your mission and tone of voice are a powerful weapon. They form the basis of all forms of communication and can be applied everywhere: from vacancies to the menu, advertisements, social media and the website. More information about how to apply mission-driven marketing in practice? Watch the webinar on mission driven marketing from Whello.

Every entrepreneur and every catering company can get started with mission-driven marketing. The world needs it: beautiful companies and brands. What does your business contribute?

Anna van Buuren