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Fien (23) graduated from Hotelschool Amsterdam and will be studying for her Masters in Business Administration. While she has a job as a communications officer, she still needed some extra money. Her savings account was almost empty and a weekend trip to Barcelona with her boyfriend was coming up. How did she make it work? She registered as a flex worker at L1NDA Connect and shared her experience.

“I registered with L1NDA Connect and was curious how quickly I could get started.”

In her case, that turns out to be the very next day. Venus & Adonis, a hot spot in Amsterdam needed extra help and so after her normal working day, she worked there for an evening shift.

“My money in a few days!”

“Everything was very well arranged at L1NDA Connect. Registration was very fast, I applied and heard within 1 hour that I was hired. The staff at Venus & Adonis were very helpful and friendly and it was super fun to work with the team. I worked a lot in hospitality during my studies, so I was able to jump in right away. Everything was well organized. Connect was very interested in how it went and the icing on the cake was that I got my money in just a few days! ”

Fien now regularly works via Connect one or two evenings a week because she can pick when she works and because she can earn extra money. Because she is paid within a week, she always has enough money for unplanned expenses or to do unexpected fun things.

Fien’s tip

“Know that in addition to your hourly wages, you will immediately receive holiday pay and pension. Your gross wages are therefore almost equal to your net wages. So you have a lot leftover! You are also insured during your work. That makes me feel safe. ”

For more info on what you can earn, check out this breakdown.

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Anna van Buuren