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Say hello to our new Connecter of the month – Alisha! She just started studying Hotel and Event Management at TIO University of Applied Sciences. It’s a tough, full-time program that’s taken up any spare time with many hours dedicated to schoolwork and studying. To supplement her income in addition to her student finance, she works three days a week at the Hotel Restaurant Bazar. We chatted with her to find out how L1NDA Connect fits with her busy schedule. 

Why did you start working with L1NDA Connect?

“The reason I started working at L1NDA Connect was that they had nice side jobs for me after the corona lockdown. I still had a month before my studies started, so I could work every day. That way I was able to earn some extra money. You try to do your best at all the nice catering establishments you visit. If they are satisfied with you, you can automatically work there more often. I also just like it when an employer is satisfied with me”

“I recommend everyone to work via L1NDA Connect. Everything is well organized and Connect pays you weekly or the same day if you want! ”

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Anna van Buuren