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With hospitality partially reopened after months of minimal to no work, many were forced to make difficult decisions. Some had to part ways with loyal staff, just so they could keep the few core members that are left to pick everything back up from the damage corona left behind.

Post-corona business remains uncertain and requires a high level of flexibility to deal with the sudden changes in demand. Businesses are looking for ways to rebuild and restructure their teams to operate effectively during unprecedented times. At the same time, they must protect their employees and customers from health and safety risks, and make sure they can go back to running a profitable business.

Many in the hospitality industry are rethinking their workforce with flexibility in mind. And flexibility starts with building a flexible poule of workers to fill the gaps between the full-time staff so a business can be operational at all times. Here’s why this move is vital for success in this ‘new normal’ and how you can take the first steps.


Rules can change from day-to-day. So far, measures were lifted sooner than expected, but business is nowhere near what it was. At the same time, demand in the future can pick up and slow down unpredictably.


Unfortunately, many companies were forced to downsize their teams to save costs in a period of no income. Many 0-hour and part-time contracts and even full-time contracts were ended. With this uncertainty, there is high risk in hiring them again.


Your team may not be qualified or experienced in maintaining the current hygienic standards. Also, your team may be occupied with the daily work. Flexible cleaning workers can help you out with specific cleaning needs and skill gaps within your workforce. Busy times? More hands are always available in case of need.


New opening hours, more shifts, and people needed outside the standard agreed working hours of your team? Flexible workers could be the solution for effective shift fulfilment.

Searching for a flexible solution to extend your workforce? With L1NDA businesses effortlessly can find skilled flex workers for unfilled shifts, thereby saving time on selection and hiring costs. Choose the perfect applicant from an on-demand flex pool. Create a flexible workforce! Your account is free of charge; you only pay for the shifts you schedule (no contracts and no minimum order quantity). Start now.