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So, you have a side job and are offered a zero-hour contract. As an employee, it’s important to know what you are entitled to when it comes to your salary. Let’s break it down.

What does a zero-hour contract entail?

A zero-hour contract means that you enter into an employment contract with your employer for a definite or indefinite period, but which includes no fixed hours. This means that as an employee you can be called up flexibly and you’re obliged to go to work if requested. But of course, you get something in return for your flexibility.

Different contract types

What is the difference between a zero-hours contract and other contract types for on-call workers? There are two common options:

  • On-call contract with pre-contract: If an employer calls you, you as an employee decide whether you want to work.
  • Min-max contract: You have a contract for a definite or indefinite period, for a minimum number hours per week, month or year.

Hourly wage

Since there is no CLA for the catering industry, an employer is obligated to pay you the minimum hourly wage.

Payment for 6 months

As an employee, you will only be paid for the hours that you actually worked. If an employer calls you, you are entitled to a minimum wage of 3 hours. This also applies if you have worked less than 3 hours, regardless of the industry you work in.

Payment after 6 months

But after working for six months, you build up more rights. You should be offered a new contract. This agreement must include the number of hours that you have worked on average over the past three months. For example you have worked an average of 12 hours a week in the past three months, then you should be given a contract with a fixed hourly size of 12 hours a week. If your employer can only offer you work for 10 hours a week, you are still entitled to payment of your wages based on 12 hours. If you are called to work and you cannot come for reasons beyond your control, you will be paid the average number of hours that you have worked in the past three months.

Anna van Buuren