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Are you looking for flexible work that suits your flexible lifestyle? Or are you a company that has trouble finding skilled temporary workers? We have a solution that makes your work life a lot easier.

The way people work has changed significantly in recent years. Workers are increasingly switching to flexible work while the hospitality industry is struggling to find staff. The younger generations, in particular, are looking for work that goes hand in hand with their (busy) agenda. They want the freedom to decide when and where to work, but are often unable to find flexible work that meets good social conditions.

“But those younger generations, aren’t they the basis for the future  workforce?” – We hear you think.

Right. Employers are therefore well advised to adapt to the needs and habits of these new generation demands. With over ten years experience in the hospitality industry, L1NDA developed a solution that helps businesses and enables job seekers to find flexible temporary work that meets favorable social conditions.

In short, L1NDA offers a user-friendly, transparent flex work marketplace that connects job seekers to companies, enabling them to find temporary work that suits their planning, preferences, skills and conditions. You can find flex workers via a temp agency or you can find freelancers via YoungOnes

Below we’ll detail how L1NDA works and the benefits it offers (Spoiler: there are quite a few.) But first…

What is flexible work?

Flex work is … flexible work. In the Netherlands, flex work is an umbrella term that refers to freelancers, seasonal workers, workers with a temporary or zero-hour contract, and temporary workers. Such a flexible construction offers companies and employees a certain degree of flexibility with regard to the selection, recruitment, and work processes. Companies that like to manage their workforce in a flexible way, such as hospitality companies that have to fill in open services every night, are well-advised to focus on flex workers. Flexible working also offers the workers many advantages, such as the freedom to choose which work they want to do when, depending on their personal planning


What is L1NDA flex work marketplace?

People are increasingly looking for flexible work, but are often unable to find a job with good conditions. At the same time, companies have difficulty finding skilled candidates (especially on short notice). As a result, job seekers take a job that is poorly paid, and companies miss out on turnover because their team is incomplete. We thought that this two-sided problem should and can be tackled in one go. We developed a flex work marketplace that connects job seekers and companies.

Connect changes our perception of work. It provides a solution that enables job seekers to find and work according to their own schedule, preferences, and conditions. Power to the happy worker! In addition, companies gain access to a group of happy, motivated candidates without the hassle of selection and recruitment processes. Goodbye, unnecessary recruitment costs. Say hello to efficiency and good performance!

What are the benefits of the flex work marketplace?

Are you looking for a flexible job with good conditions?

  • Create an account for free and apply to the shifts you want immediately
  • Work when, where and with whom you want
  • Receive your salary within a week
  • Always work according to the right working conditions, and build up vacation days
  • Check how your hourly wages are structured

Are you a company looking for the perfect candidate?

  • Create an account and immediately place the first service
  • Offer open services, propose an appropriate hourly wage and choose the best candidate
  • Use Connect only when you need it. No contractual hassle and no mandatory minimum purchase
  • Only pay after the work has been done
  • Check the detailed price structure
  • Save selection and recruitment costs


We value your opinion — we believe listening to user feedback is the best way to continue improving Connect and providing the best possible service. Reach out to us with any thoughts on comments — we’d love to hear from you!