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Connect flex workers will soon be able to withdraw and spend their earned money on the same day. L1NDA Connect is the first employment agency in the Netherlands that lets you decide when you withdraw your money, even if it is on the same day. In practice, it means that after your service, if your client has approved your worked hours, you can immediately withdraw your earned money. You pay a small fixed amount per transaction for this.

Earn money to pay for extra expenses

L1NDA Connect wants to be the best employer for the hospitality industry, because satisfied employees determine the quality of customer satisfaction in every hospitality business. Internal research at L1NDA shows that flex workers often do extra jobs because they need money quickly. Connect’s flexible forces are on average 18-30 years old and live financially from day to day. They need money to pay for their studies or, for example, to pay for a ticket to a festival, new shoes or a weekend away.

“We understand the need for hospitality temporary workers to be flexible in where and when they want to work and for what hourly rate. But at this time they also want to have their earned money quickly. We are pleased that we can now offer them that financial flexibility.” says CEO Wim Jansen.

Connect currently pays you weekly, but to meet the demand even better, this will soon be possible immediately. You decide whether you like to this service. How nice is it if you can withdraw your earned money immediately after you have worked and do not have to wait 2, 3 weeks or even longer? For example, if you work as a self-employed person through an employment agency, you will get paid monthly or only if the client has paid the agency.

For flex workers it is not a question of not being able to budget properly, which means that they need money quickly. It is more that they want to incur extra expenses and have the willingness to work extra for this. Often the problem is the time gap between salary payment and an unexpected or unplanned expense.

L1NDA DirectPay -direct je verdiende geld opnemen en uitgeven

How ​​it works

Via a handy app you can withdraw a part of your earned money directly as a Connect flex worker for a fixed small amount. This cannot be unlimited. The limit is 40% of the earned wage so that the remainder remains intended to cover the fixed costs. In the app you can track your income in real-time, put money aside to save and you get tips on how you can best use your money.

L1NDA DirectPay -direct je verdiende geld opnemen en uitgeven

The service will be launched in collaboration with Wagestream, an originally English company that takes care of linking salary and bank details between employers and employees. The company has had excellent experiences in the UK. Here the service has been offered to employers and their employees for some time.