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L1NDA announces a collaboration with Wagestream, a British software company that provides the links of salary and bank data between employers and employees. The cooperation will revolutionize the way agency workers are paid and how they use their financial resources. The collaboration offers hospitality flex workers the opportunity to withdraw and spend a percentage of their earned wages at any time.

More financial strength

L1NDA has been developing planning tools for the hospitality industry for 12 years. Approximately 70,000 employees of the 3,000 customers work with the Planner app daily to consult their work schedules. By partnering with Wagestream, L1NDA can help improve the financial strength of the thousands of flex workers at the temp agency L1NDA Connect, which is crucial in this period of uncertainty.

Wagestream has a proven track record in the UK and is now entering the Dutch market together with L1NDA. By giving flex workers direct access to a percentage of their wages from the hours they worked, L1NDA can offer their temporary agency workers a higher level of service. It has been proven that offering the Wagestream platform reduces staff turnover by 16% and that 81% of employees feel more positive towards their employer. Wim Jansen, CEO of L1NDA explains:

“Many flex workers have had to use their savings account during the pandemic. By giving them direct access to their earned money, they no longer have to deal with the gap between salary payments and unexpected bills or expenses that they are often confronted with now.”

L1NDA flex workers receive their wages on the same day 2

More flexibility

L1NDA wants to be the best employer of flexible personnel. So no self-evident constructions, but a fair contract with all social services and a lot of flexibility. Flex workers want to work where and when they want, preferably also for the rate they want. Especially at this time they want to have their earned money quickly. No less than three quarters (75%) of the flex workers recently surveyed by L1NDA have recently hit problems.

“I am very enthusiastic about the Dutch launch together with L1NDA Connect”, says Ties Roodhardt, Wagestream General Manager Benelux. “At L1NDA they quickly saw that by reducing employees’ financial stress with our solution, both the employee and the employer benefits. I can’t wait to go to a restaurant and be served by an L1NDA Connect flex worker! ”

Paid Immediately

L1NDA expects that approximately 30 percent of flex workers will immediately register for the service. Previous research has shown that 72% of flex workers want to use the service. For a fixed amount of € 2.50 they can receive up to 40% of their money immediately, the rest will follow within a week. Flex workers enrolled in L1NDA Connect can choose a payout method that suits them best in the legal section of their personal profile and adjust it at any time.

Are you a flex worker at L1NDA and do you want to use this service? Then adjust your payout preference in your profile.

For more information about Wagestream, click here.