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Although working with Connect already means you can count on a weekly payment, we wanted to offer even more flexibility for whatever financial situation you’re in. With Connect’s latest feature in partnership with Wagestream that offers you a new payment preference option: Instant Pay, you’ll be able to access your well-earned cash right after you’ve worked. The service is totally optional and you can rest easier knowing you’ll never have to wait multiple weeks to get paid. Here’s how Instant Pay works and how to start using it today.

Decide when you get paid

Connect is all about options. You get to decide your own hourly wage by browsing through the available shifts and seeing what you’ll earn before you even apply. But wouldn’t it be convenient for your wages to drop in your bank account right after you’ve worked that shift? That’s why we added Instant Pay, a new payment preference option powered by Wagestream. For a small fee, you’ll be able to get paid instantly after a shift and enjoy your well-earned money. Not in any rush? Don’t worry, you’ll still get paid each week for free.

Your new payment options

Instant Pay

What does Instant Pay actually mean? Choosing Instant Pay means you can receive up to 40% of your gross wages directly after a shift for a flat fee of €2.50. Only and when you want. If you don’t need to access your wages right away, you’ll simply receive the whole amount (or the rest) by the end of the week for free.

Weekly Pay

By default, Connect already makes sure you get paid weekly. If you choose the payment preference Weekly Pay you will be paid the Monday after a working week (Mon-Sun) for all approved hours within this week. Payment will be done by L1NDA Connect.

Control your over your finances

Why the 40% limit you ask? It’s simple. The remainder of your wages is intended to cover any of your fixed costs. In the Wagestream app, you can track your income in real-time, put money aside to save, and get other tips on how to manage your money.

How to enroll

Simply sign up for Connect and/or go to the legal section of your Connect profile. Within the Payment Preference section, you can choose between Instant Pay and Weekly Pay — whatever suits you best. After selecting Instant Pay, you’ll receive an email from Wagestream to complete your enrolment. Once you’re officially enrolled in Wagestream, you’re all set up to get paid instantly after you’ve worked your upcoming shifts.

All that’s left is to find some shifts to work!

Any questions?

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