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Plan or choose hospitality shifts that match your skills and schedule.


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L1NDA Planner is easy! Simply check the app to see your schedule. Anytime and anywhere. Provide your availability to work, shift preference and leave requests in the tool.


Swap shifts with colleagues

Made conflicting plans and want to swap a shift you are scheduled to work? L1NDA Planner is smart! Just offer the shift to your colleagues in the app and take care of it yourself (no more embarrassing phone calls to your manager)!


Find well paid flex work

Do what you like and what you’re good at. Find work that matches your skills and link up with other businesses searching for personnel via L1NDA Connect.

“Everything was very well arranged at L1NDA Connect. Registration was very fast, I applied and heard within
1 hour that I was hired.”

Fien – has worked three shifts via L1NDA Connect


Brush up your knowledge & skills with L1NDA Learn

Find tips, tricks and knowledge on how to become an even better hospitality flex worker. Follow a training of choice or join one of our meetups!

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