Our pricing

Check out our favourable and transparent pricing

Our pricing is based on no-cure-no-pay. You only pay for what you use.
Are you not scheduling your employees? Then you do not pay for them.
No start-up, installation or service costs. Transparent as can be.

Take a look at our rates for your workforce planning, integrations or temporary workers.

Workforce planning
Per scheduled employee/month
14 days free trial
  • Monthly payment
  • Only for scheduled employees
  • No minimum monthly charge
  • No start-up installation or service costs
per month
All our integrations
  • Per integration
  • Not mandatory
  • No connection fee
  • Save time
Temporary workers
Fees depend on platform
Post a shift
  • No start-up costs
  • Save on recruitment cost
  • Weekly invoice
  • Comply with the latest regulations

Free 14 day trial

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Getting the most out of L1NDA

“We worked with L1NDA for the past 5 years. With the flexworkers from L1NDA, I can select the best applicants, integrated with the L1NDA workforce planner, and then schedule them immediately. For us, this means much more efficiency and considerable time savings. L1NDA takes care of everything else: they inform the flex workers, call them, and take care of the salary and insurance. We’re super satisfied with how it works. ”

Maaike Oerlemans, Manager at SkyView

Personeelsplanning - De Pizzabakkers