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Employees are more active than ever scheduling their own shifts - Thom Leupen Manager Crea Café


Shift-based planning

Get a clear overview and prevent mistakes. L1NDA Planner offers a range of features to create the most comprehensive and custom-made solution for staff planning and hour registration.

  • Planning & finding: all from one place
  • Statistics: Always on top of your key numbers
  • Hour registration & administration


Reduce time spent on administrative tasks with integrations

Planner seamlessly integrates with POS, clocking systems, payroll administration, and management system tools. You plan, manage, and pay your employees with a click so you can focus on your customers, team, and business.

Spend 75% less time on making the schedule

Save on costs

Save 4% on payroll costs through improved planning and avoided mistakes.

Increase productivity

Active monitoring of planned and worked hours, improved communication with the team and decreased no shows.

Happy employees, happy business

Quickly take your employees’ wishes into account and get more time to spend on your guests instead.

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