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One platform to compose, schedule and manage your team. With L1NDA you reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks and you can focus on what really matters.

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Easily find fun and well-paid work in e.g. the hospitality industry or retail. Choose well-paid shifts that match your skills and schedule. Apply today, work tomorrow! The best flex jobs in the Netherlands.

The benefits of L1NDA

Work place manager

L1NDA Planner is the all-in-1, customizable solution that ensures smooth planning, managing and paying of hospitality personnel.

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Flex work marketplace

L1NDA Connect is a transparent marketplace on which job seekers and businesses connect. Connect empowers job seekers to find temp work and businesses to find applicants for unfilled shifts.

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Digital employment agency

Use L1NDA to comply with the latest rules and regulations regarding flex employment.

It’s all about people

It's time to turn away from dusty software systems and boring third parties. L1NDA offers the solutions you need to find like-minded hospitality professionals and enjoy working together. Join the community!

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Employees are more active than ever scheduling their own shifts - Thom Leupen Manager Crea Café

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With over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry we have gained a lot of knowledge. We’d love to share our insights and learnings with you.

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