Employee scheduling in healthcare

Good personnel planning is essential in healthcare. The main objective in healthcare is, of course, to provide high-quality care. But the sector has many more challenges, such as a high workload, staff shortages, cutbacks and low employee satisfaction. L1NDA helps you to deal with all these challenges. Read more.

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Workforce management platform for healthcare

Our workforce management platform for healthcare allows you to seamlessly match the available capacity and competencies of your healthcare staff with the demand for care. Our comprehensive reports help you to further optimise your staff planning. Dental and general practices, veterinary and private clinics, hospitals and many healthcare-related institutions such as testing facilities have been working with our solutions to their satisfaction for many years.

Employee scheduling becomes child’s play

In health care, self-directed care teams are used more and more. With L1NDA scheduling for these teams becomes child’s play. Our platform takes into account the wishes of all care workers and involves them in the planning. Team members communicate their (un)availability and leave days through the app. They swap shifts and can sign up for open shifts. Of course, they always have the latest schedule available in the app.

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All information in one platform

On the L1NDA personnel platform, in addition to the staff schedules, you also have the CAO rules and all the contract information and competencies of your employees available. Everything is safely in one place. In addition, you have extensive statistical information at your disposal at any time, as well as the registration of hours, overtime, time-for-time, illness, leave and the wage costs & budgets. All on one platform.

Save time with an integration

Save time and integrate L1NDA with your time registration, management or payroll system. Our personnel planning platform has secure and reliable connections with more than 50 systems. With one push on the button you can import or export personnel, on-call personnel and contract data and send the hours worked to the payroll administration.

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Only pay for what you use

Our rates are transparent and attractive because you only pay for the employees you schedule. If you do not schedule someone, you do not pay for that. Thereby we do not charge any start-up, installation or service costs. We do give you all the support you need. Sounds like a plan right?

Frequently asked questions

What is the cancellation period if I continue to use L1NDA?

If you use L1NDA without integration and do not schedule any employees, you pay nothing. So, no notice period. If you use L1NDA with integration, the notice period is one month.

Is there a minimum monthly fee?

No. We don’t have a minimum monthly fee. You only pay for what you use. If you do not schedule any employees, you pay nothing.

What does it cost to hire a freelancer through L1NDA?

Signing up for an open-ended service is free. For a YoungOnes freelancer, you pay a fixed fee on top of the hourly rate.

Can I use L1NDA without an integration?

Yes, you can. You can also use L1NDA just for your staff planning. You’re not obligated to have an integration.