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The majority of work within production, logistics and warehousing is done in teams. Making a timetable for these teams can be incredibly time-consuming, especially as you have to consider employment, contracted and unproductive hours. L1NDA makes scheduling your workforce more manageable, and your employees can quickly check their timetables through our mobile app. On the days you need some extra help, L1NDA even helps you promptly find additional help with our integration with YoungOnes —enabling you to hire a professional from our group of flex workers.

Plan and manage
your team

The all-in-1, customizable solution for shift-based planning, managing and paying of hospitality personnel.

Planning & finding:
all from one place

Customized workschedule

Create a custom-made schedule by choosing from seven different schedule views and four different calendar layers, such as agenda and (un)productivity. It's planning, simplified. Quickly match available employees to shifts or save time by copying recurring schedules in a few clicks.

Plan collaboratively

No more uncertainty on who is available to work, your employees can provide their availability and leave requests though the app. They can swap shifts with other team members (subject to your approval) and apply to shifts you still have to fill. Rest assured everyone is automatically updated with the latest schedule.

Find flex workers quickly

Don’t have enough staff available for your open shifts? Planner’s integration with Connect makes it easy to offer unfilled shifts on our flexible work marketplace. Find a skilled Connecter to complement your team.

Statistics: always on top of your key numbers

Save, check and pay out worked hours at one place. Allowing workers to update their worked hours, vacation wishes and availability real-time.

Hour registration & administration

Hour registration

Keep track of staff hours that employees registered and pay when approved. Have a constant overview of worked hours (including surplus- and shortfall) and (un)productive hours (illness and leave), even expressed in payroll costs. While you plan, see the number of hours employees are scheduled above or below their contract.

Contract management

Centrally manage all contracts and stay on top of important events such as approaching end dates. Want to configure CLA settings? Easily set different payment rates such as holiday allowance percentage.


L1NDA Planner has partnered with POS, hour registration, payroll administration and management system tools. All data entered via an integration is automatically updated to give you the most comprehensive and tailor-made solution.

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