Staff planning in the Culture Sector

L1NDA’s staff scheduling platform is very suitable for the cultural sector. Large and small cultural institutions use it because it is affordable and you have everything in one place: rosters, contract information, CAO rules, hour registration. You also have access to a large pool of readily available freelancers. This way, you can easily keep track of your personnel planning.

Personeelsplatform compleet

Plan & manage your team

Museums, (dance) theatres, cinemas, libraries and stages have to deal with event-driven planning and irregular working hours. The sector often works with flexible workers, self-employed persons and freelancers. On top of that, the cultural sector is struggling with severe personnel shortages.

Planning in Excel is time-consuming and prone to error

Making a planning in Excel costs a lot of time and is also prone to errors. With a good workforce scheduling tool like L1NDA, putting together a work schedule becomes a hassle-free task for cultural businesses. Your team consults the roster in the app and passes on their preferences, leave and holidays. You save 75% time and employee satisfaction increases.


'L1NDA works very smoothly for us and actually everything is always well organised. We are very satisfied.'

Bert Saan, Duty Manager Hermitage Amsterdam

Integrate your systems

You can link L1NDA to your system so that you always have the right information and fewer mistakes are made. You have access to the most recent personal and contract data and the planned and actual hours worked. With one push on the button your administration will be fully automated. For only €10 per month. More info.

Select and plan freelancers

Still have gaps in your schedule? No worries! You can quickly complete your planning with one or more freelancers from our partner YoungOnes. Directly from your planning you can register open shifts for free. You provide the specifications, make a choice and schedule the person. With only a few mouse clicks. More info.

Optimal communication with your team

Your employees work with the app every day and they are happy. They can check their schedules, keep track of their days off and swap shifts with colleagues, possibly with your approval. Your team is delighted that you take their planning into account and it saves you a lot of time.

Start your trial period

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Frequently asked questions

What is the notice period after I start using L1NDA?

If you use L1NDA without integration and do not schedule any employees, you pay nothing. So no notice period. If you use L1NDA with an integration, the notice period is one month.

Is there a minimum monthly fee?

There is no minimum monthly fee. You pay for what you use. If you schedule employees, you pay €4,- per scheduled employee per month. If you do not schedule any employees, you pay nothing.

What does it cost to hire a freelancer through L1NDA?

Signing up for an indefinite service is free. For a YoungOnes freelancer, you pay a fixed fee on top of the hourly wage.

Can I use L1NDA without an integration?

Certainly. You can also use L1NDA just for your staff planning. You are not obliged to take an integration.