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Plan & manage your team

Is making your schedule too time-consuming?
With L1NDA Planner, you have everything available in one place. From schedules, availability to hour registration and more.

Find flex workers quickly

Looking for some extra help on the busier days?
L1NDA Connect can easily help you and your business out.
Select and find flexible staff in just a couple of clicks.

Planning made easy

L1NDA Planner saves you from wasting your time on keeping up with hours, availability, scheduling and more. Our integration with your human resource system, clocking system and register provides a complete overview.

Planner is personalised to your specific wishes, so you do not have to deal with unnecessary features or structures. You will get exactly what you need!

Find extra help in no time

Some days you could just use some extra help to fulfill your business full potential. L1NDA Connect helps you to find these extra team-members (for the day).

Connect and Planner can easily be link. This way you can see the unfilled shifts in your schedule and post them on Connect in an instance. With Connect, you gain that flexibility that you need with team-members that you can trust.

“Employees are more active than ever scheduling their own shifts”

Thom Leupen – Manager Crea Café

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We have met many inspiring people and businesses over the past 13 years. Currently, we are working with 110,000 professionals and 3,500 businesses. Together, our L1NDA Connect superstars have worked more than 20,000 shifts.