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SkyView the Pier is the most famous and luxurious Ferris wheel in all of Europe and it is located in Scheveningen! At the tip of the famous Pier in Scheveningen, it towers 8 meters above the North Sea. In a private gondola, you can take a spectacular flight with family or friends to a height of 50 meters where you can enjoy stunning views of the land and sea. High teas and romantic three-course dinners are also held there. The gondolas are air-conditioned and have comfortable sofas, so you can enjoy them both in summer and winter.

”Your solution takes a lot of pressure off us. It works really well!”

Maaike Oerlemans of SkyView Attractions has been working daily with L1NDA for the past five years to compile staff schedules. Since last year, she has also been using L1NDA’s flex-work agency to schedule on-call employees when she needs extra hands. “We don’t want to hire employees, it’s too uncertain a time for that. With L1NDA’s flex work agency, integrated into the staff planner, I can select the best applicants and then schedule them directly. For us, that means much more efficiency and a considerable saving of time. L1NDA takes care of everything else: they inform the flex-workers, call them and take care of the payroll and insurance. Super satisfied with how it works. This solution works really well for us. It unburdens us enormously. We have had a difficult time with illness due to corona and a very busy season. We couldn’t manage with our permanent team, but we didn’t want to hire employees either. It’s too uncertain a time for that.”

Maaike was able to quickly fill the gaps in her schedule with flex-workers from L1NDA. She is very satisfied with all flex-workers and especially very happy with the good communication and follow-up of the employees. This solution makes her super flexible in busy periods. You can find more information about L1NDA’s flex-work agency here.

Anna van Buuren