Are you looking for flex work that suits your flexible lifestyle?

Or are you a company that struggles to find skilled flex workers?

Either way, we’ve got the solution that will make your working life a whole lot easier.

Over the years, we witnessed a dramatic change in the way people work. An increasing amount of people have become flex workers, especially younger generations looking for opportunities that match their (busy) personal schedule and offer a good level of social safety.


“But those younger generations, are they not the foundation of the future workforce?” – We hear you.


Employers should, therefore, be able to adapt to the needs and habits of this generation.

With more than 10  years of experience in the hospitality industry, L1NDA developed a solution that helps businesses manage the workforce of the future while empowering job seekers to (choose) temp work flexibly while enjoying beneficial legal and social safety conditions —  L1NDA Connect.

L1NDA Connect is an easy to use, transparent flex work marketplace that enables job seekers to connect with businesses, and to find worthy, fun temp jobs that match their planning, preferences, skills and conditions.

With L1NDA Connect, job seekers will have the opportunity to find suitable temp jobs, while helping businesses fill their vacancies.

By the way, there are no middlemen involved in the process. It’s efficiency to the max.

Continue reading this article, and you will have a better understanding of how Connect works, and what its advantages are. (Spoiler: there are many.)


But first, what is flex work?

Flex work is … flexible work. In the Netherlands, flex work is an umbrella term that refers to freelance workers, seasonal workers, workers with a temporary or zero-hour contract, and temp workers (those under contract with a temp agency).

A flexible labor construction offers more flexibility to both businesses and workers.

Focusing on flex workers is a good option for businesses that want to flexibly manage their workforce, such as hospitality companies that have shifts to fill each night.

Conversely, flex working provides workers with more freedom to choose what they are doing, depending on their personal schedule.

What is flex work?

What is L1NDA Connect?

People are looking for flexible job opportunities, but are often unable to find work that offers good terms. At the same time, businesses struggle to find skilled applicants in a decent time frame.

As a result, job seekers may take low paying jobs while businesses may fail to work with an incomplete team.

We’ve developed a solid solution to this two-sided problem. At L1NDA, we created L1NDA Connect, a flex work marketplace to connect job seekers and businesses.

Connect changes the general perception of work. It provides a solution that allows job seekers to (find) work that matches their skills, planning, preferences, and conditions.

Power to the happy worker!

At the same time, businesses welcome happy and motivated applicants without going through a hiring process. Bye bye new recruitment costs, hello efficiency and high performance.

 What are the benefits of using L1NDA Connect?

If you are looking for a flexible job, Connect is the way to go. Here are just some of the benefits …

  • Create an account and immediately get to work
  • Work whenever, wherever, and with whomever you want    
  • Receive your salary within a week
  • Always work according to labor standards, and accrue days of holiday
  • Check how your hourly wage is built up

Are you a business in search of the perfect applicant? Try Connect and thank us later.

  • Create an account and immediately offer the first shift
  • Offer open shifts, propose an applicable hourly wage and choose the perfect applicant
  • Use Connect only when you need it. No contractual hassle or minimum amount of hours required
  • Pay only after the shift is done
  • Check the detailed price breakdown
  • Save on selection and hiring costs

We highly value your opinion and we believe your feedback is the only way to improve. Questions or comments? Feel free to reach out via any of our social channels.



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