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With Connect, the new marketplace for flex workers, L1NDA now also serves the hospitality market as an independent employment agency. This makes us the first platform that offers a total personnel solution to catering entrepreneurs. More than 3,000 catering companies that use Planner to compose work schedules online, can now fill their outstanding services directly with flex workers from Connect.

Contingent workforce

The number of hospitality companies that are struggling with staff shortage has risen to a record high of 35 percent last year. Connect can help solve that by letting hospitality entrepreneurs build a flexible workforce. By actively looking for experienced hospitality professionals, L1NDA wants to help reduce the acute shortage of labor. Wim Jansen, CEO of L1NDA, says:

“We understand better than anyone that hospitality is a way of life. Because we focus exclusively on the hospitality industry, we bring supply and demand together faster and more efficiently. ”

Connect takes work off your hands

Connect takes care of the contracting, working, and remuneration processes quickly and efficiently and therefore take a lot of work out of the hands of the catering entrepreneur. In Planner, employers create a profile with job requirements, earnings, working hours, and dress codes. Flex workers who meet the profile can apply, and the entrepreneur chooses the most suitable candidate from the offer.

Flex workers get flexibility and security

Having the freedom to work where and when he or she wants and for a good hourly rate sounds attractive to flex workers. Connect pays well and every week and ensures the legal validity and payment of social contributions, pension, and holiday pay. The flex worker is also insured during work, a safety net that is lacking for the growing number of self-employed professionals in the catering industry.

Anna van Buuren