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In the past months, you might have noticed the L1NDA company has changed. As you probably also noticed we then changed the name ‘Planner’ into ‘L1NDA’ to be more consistent. Today we are happy to announce the launch of L1NDA.COM where we will offer all tools you need to find like-minded people and enjoy hospitality work, under one roof.

All tools under one roof

From now on the data-driven tools from L1NDA are offered together at one digital spot. All the information that you need can be found on

Hospitality tools for businesses

Our smart tools simplify all your hospitality work. Planning and managing your team is easy and fun again with L1NDA. With our integration with YoungOnes, you gain access to over 300.000 freelancers.

Time-saving integrations

Did you know you can integrate your Planner-account with almost all payroll, cash register, and time registration systems? Find your supplier on our new integrations page.

Full support in two languages – coming soon!

We think hospitality work should be available for every single person. Since hospitality is a multi-language world offering services to and work for everyone, all our content is available in 2 languages. The L1NDA support team is ready to help you on all working days or you can chat with our personal chatbot.

Unique design

Give it a try! Visit the website and enjoy the interactive and fresh L1NDA design which shows it’s all about people at L1NDA. Read our story about how it all began.


Serena Sheng, Product Designer @ L1NDA: “When redesigning the website, we wanted to keep approachability and interactivity in mind. The structured layout with added white space and subtle shadows provide more reading support and the monochromatic color scheme with a touch of black make it more clean and modern.”

Anna van Buuren