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The ideal workforce planning for agriculture

Due to the fluctuations in the workload in agriculture, horticulture and the flower trade, workforce planning is quite a job. With L1NDA, this becomes child’s play. Your employees consult their roster in the app. You have a grip on labour costs and save a lot of time.

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Seasonal peaks in agriculture

It is quite a challenge to map out all necessary and available hours and to take into account the wishes of all employees. Agriculture has to deal with seasonal peaks, which can quickly lead to overstaffing or understaffing. On top of that, you have to deal with different contracts with specific rights and obligations. Do you want to be able to switch easily and quickly? L1NDA helps!

All-in-1 workforce management platform

On the personnel platform of L1NDA, you manage all contracts of your personnel. You set the agricultural CLA rules and have daily insight in all worked hours including plus/minus hours and (im-)productive hours. During the scheduling you can see who is scheduled above or below his/her contract and for which shifts you can still use employees.

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All benefits from L1NDA

Prevent overstaffing and understaffing

Because the work in agriculture varies per season, you quickly have to deal with overstaffing and understaffing. L1NDA offers extensive (historical) insight and a weather forecast tool. These help you to plan an optimal occupation. Reports can be broken down into staff, rosters, service & contract types or departments.

Integrate L1NDA with your systems

We have many API connections with time registration, payroll and management systems. With one push of a button, your financial or payroll administration is fully automated. You always have the correct financial and contract data. The risk of errors is reduced and you save a lot of time. See more information about integrations.

Happy employees

With L1NDA you make sure your staff is happy. Employees indicate their preferences through the app, request leave, swap shifts and register their worked hours. Your employees are happy because you also take their planning into account. With L1NDA you retain your staff longer.

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Only pay for what you use

Our rates are transparent and attractive. You only pay for the employees you schedule. Don’t schedule anyone? Then you do not pay for that.

Try us for free. You are not tied to anything.

Frequently asked questions

Does the trial period extend automatically?

If, after the 14-day free trial, you decide you no longer want to use the platform and send us an email, you pay nothing. With L1NDA, you only pay for the employees you have scheduled.

Can I use the planning platform without integrations?

Yes, you can use L1NDA purely for employee scheduling. You are not obliged to make a link with your other systems.

What is the notice period if I continue to use L1NDA?

You can stop using L1NDA at any time. For a coupling, you have to give one month’s notice. Don’t have a link and don’t plan any employees? Then you pay nothing.

Is there a minimum monthly fee?

There is no minimum monthly fee. You pay for what you use. If you do not schedule any employees, you pay nothing.

Are there any start-up or hidden costs?

L1NDA does not charge any start-up, connection or other administrative costs. But you do get full support when you start up your account. We don’t charge anything for this.

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